Friday, March 16, 2007

the last night of the shooting stars

remember harpo's?
common industry wisdom was to take your start from that little stage
just high enough to bruise the shins of an often questionable crowd,
the question being, how many people constitute a crowd?
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Final show with this line-up

March 30, 2007:
Massey Hall, Toronto, ON. Tix on sale NOW through Massey's online ticket page.

oyr logoOne Yellow Rabbit announces erotic collaboration with Rheos
Artistic Director Blake Brooker of Calgary's One Yellow Rabbit, western Canada's most successfu avant garde theatre company, announced during Western Nationals that it had entered into an agreement with the Rheostatics to develop a new show for the 21st High Performance Rodeo based on Dave Bidini's hockey erotica: the working title is "Five Hole."

"Canada Council approached us to commission a work for its 30th anniversary next year and, somehow, this show seemed like something that we could do," said Brooker. The multi-media extravaganza is in an embryonic stage at the moment but -- "if the stars align", says Brooker, who is thrilled to be working with a band he's watched for more than a decade -- something 'unexpected' will take the stage in Calgary in January 2007.

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i think you should be in pictures

i think i can work with what you've got,
and you've got it going on
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What are APTN's programming themes?

In the traditions of our people, APTN's programming will explore:

The stories of our people, past, present and future

Journeys that reflect Aboriginal concepts of hope, struggle, wholeness, history, healing, relationships, family, traditions and more

The celebration of accomplishments, healing, culture, dance, sports, achievement, and survival

Unity and diversity amongst Aboriginal peoples. Issues of our fellow Indigenous people in other countries including their consecutiveness to us, their hopes, dreams and struggles

Stories that celebrate our diverse approaches to spirituality, both traditional and contemporary

APTN encourages Producers to budget for versioning of their program into Aboriginal language(s). Versioning can include sub-titling (i.e. open or close-captioning) and/or dubbing
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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

ojibway warrior society

wawatay seems to be near Sioux lookout
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The initiates were instructed in the codes of conduct and ethics and given the history of the Ojibway Warrior Society, songs and ceremonies. They were also taught the four guiding principles of the O-KII-JI-DA society, which are duty, responsibility, obligation and loyalty.
the Harmony Keepers do, a member Jerry Lopez said, "The Harmony Keepers protect the sacredness of ceremonies or the peace at events. In order to do that, it means that you have to learn the ceremonies, the history, culture and tradition.
Then learn how to defend them without violence. You have to learn to defend them by learning the culture."
Lopez also added, "What the elders talk about is sacred and important. If anything disrupts that energy then the outcome will be different.
O-KII-JI-DA, in Ojibway can be broken down into several different words and has evolved over time,
ogi" meaning him or her, "chi" meaning big or great and "ohday" meaning heart. O-KII-JI-DA means "a person with great heart."
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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

court garden

springtime in bavaria
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The Hofgarten is a very popular spot, shown here on the first sunny weekend in spring

The garden was built in 1613-1617 by Maximilian I, Elector of Bavaria as an Italian style Renaissance garden. In the center of the garden is a pavilion for the goddess Diana, built in 1615 by Heinrich Schön the elder. A path leads from each of the eight arches. On the roof of the Diana pavilion is the replica of a sculpture of Bavaria from Hubert Gerhard, created in 1623. The original is in the Kaisersaal of the Residenz.

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marie, marie

when we were children it was winter in the mountain
where you feel free, but you do like to read in the sun
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Marie Antoinette, painted by Franz Xaver Wagenschön shortly after her marriage in 1770

On April 19, 1770, a marriage per procurationem, or a marriage to her brother Ferdinand, in place of Louis Auguste, took place in Vienna's Augustine Church. They did this because Marie would have entered France as the Archduchess of Austria until she married Louis and the French would not allow it. By this "marriage" taking place, she could enter the French court as the Dauphine, and then be officially married to Louis Auguste. Two days later, a sobbing Maria Antonia left Vienna to her mother's parting words, "Farewell, my dearest. Do so much good to the French people that they can say that I have sent them an angel." [3] Traveling along the Danube River and accompanied by a large entourage of nearly 14 carriages, they passed through Munich, Augsburg, Günzburg, Ulm and Freiburg im Breisgau, before finally reaching the Rhine border between Kehl and Strasbourg weeks later.

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summer surprised us coming over

the starnbergersee is a lake in bavaria
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24.05.03 INTERNATIONAL 806

Installation of teak deck on the compl. deck, cabin roof, cockpit incl.
cockpit bottom on a two years old second hand boat International 806.

Teak deck

The boat was totally renovated in our company with teak, with a Kräutler
electric engine 2,4 kw and the installation of the actual lay-out with new
fittings. The electric engine specially for the Bavarian lake

Electric engine

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save your sensors

half cyborg
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SWIMP3 - Waterproof MP3 Player
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