Wednesday, April 21, 2010

CBC Radio 2 - Radio 2 Drive

CBC Radio 2 - Radio 2 Drive: "Way Back Tragically Hip
Posted by Li Robbins on Apr-14-10 at 03:00 AMComments0Recommend6

Do you know the story behind The Tragically Hip song Little Bones? No, nor do I, actually. But Rich does, and he'll share it today on Way Back Wednesday, our weekly 'story behind the song' feature.

The song, if you can't conjure it in your inner ear, is from The Hip's first #1 album in Canada, and here is a reminder. [Disclaimer: Some, um, adult activity is portrayed. But all in keeping with the song.]

Gee, the band looks so young, don't they? Hair on heads, and what not. That's from way back, 1991's Road Apples."

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